62% OFF – Daily Deal – La gourmet Classic 24cm X 4.5cm Frypan With Glass Cover – Offer Ends on 6 April 2014.

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62% OFF – Daily Deal – La gourmet Classic 24cm X 4.5cm Frypan With Glass Cover – Offer Ends on 6 April 2014.

Since its inception 15 years ago, La gourmet was built on the twin core principles of ” Conserve Energy” and ” Healthy Living”. La gourmet has consistently
provided the consumers we serve with the highest possible standard of Quality Living Lifestyle for Today and Tomorrow. How Do We Achieve This?

– by providing VALUE and making available QUALITY products at AFFORDABLE prices.

– by innovation and continuous development of La gourmet cookware and products that are :

> functional
> energy saving
> eco – friendly
> hygienic to cook on and use
> sustainable
> versatile

Product Description

Why Buy La Gourmet Cookware?

– 18/10 Stanless Steel is one of the most hygenic materials to cook on . Most surgical instruments are made of 18/10 stanless steel as it is NON – REACTIVE and NON – POROUS. It does not corrode when it comes into contact with acidic ingredients suach as lemon juice, wine, vinegar nor does it give an off taste to foods. There is nothing more important then ensuring that the food prepared for our family is on a safe and healthy surfacr.

– La gourmet stainless steel is durable, resits scratching and denting and holds its shine even after years of using.

Ease Of Mind 
– Every La gourmet cookware comes with a 10 year warranty on the product. This is La gourmet’s assurance and commitment to our customers on the quality of our produtcs. ( See enclosed warranty conditions)

Eco – Friendly
– Its excellent heat transmission properties guarantees optimal heat spread over the entire work. This saves energy andd time as you can use lower head and it cuts your cooking time.

Preserve Nutrients And Vitamins
– Using lower heat helpsto preserve the nutritional value of the foods and the natural sweetness without adding seasoning.

Tempered Glass Lod That Is Tough And Long Lasting
– The glass ld allows you to see what you are cooking without having to open the covering.

Stick And Burn Resistance
– The special multiply base provides good conduction and stick ressitance i.e food does not stick onto the cookware easily. This makes cleaning and cooking much more easier.

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50% OFF – Daily Deal – Tescoma Handy Apple Peeler – Offer Ends On 5 April 2014 .


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50% OFF – Daily Deal – Tescoma Handy Apple Peeler – Offer Ends On 5 April 2014 .

The Tescoma Apple Peeler is excellent for preparing apples. This product makes it extremely easy and quick to peel an apple. Provided with suction knobs for safe use. A spare blade is enclosed.

– Resistant plastic with stainless steel blade

– Dishwasher safe


– Apple peeler
– Material: Stainless steel and resistant plastic
– Provided with suction knobs for safe use, a spare blade is enclosed
– Excellent for easy and quick peeling of apples
– Dimensions: 27.5cm H x 18.5cm W x 18.5cm D

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63% OFF – Daily Deal – Brabantia Meat Shears Stainless Steel – Offer Ends On 4 April 2014.

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63% OFF – Daily Deal – Brabantia Meat Shears Stainless Steel – Offer Ends On 4 April 2014.

Cutting through meat is like cutting through butter with our Profile meat shears. The curved blades make cutting easy and smooth. The spring mechanism with safe locking keeps your children from harming themselves.

Right from the start, back in 1919, Brabantia has put all available knowledge, expertise and experience into developing solid reliable products that can last a lifetime. Today everything from their selection of raw materials to the design of the packaging must result in the attitude and core value of Brabantia durability. Brabantia’s ambition is simple, to develop household products that retain their beauty and performance for up to the next 20 years. Its what drives the company, its who they are.

Brabantia’s Profile Collection is a professional range of kitchen utensils. It provides the perfect tool for every type of cook. An excellent choice for those who enjoy their cooking, from preparing a special ‘Haute Cuisine’ dish or just a daily home made meal.

These stylish, stainless steel kitchen shears are ideal for everyday use. They cut through meat with ease and the curved blades make cutting easy and smooth. The shears feature a spring mechanism and a safety lock which keeps the blades of the shears closed when not in use. Makes for a fine addition to any kitchen. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The stainless steel hanging loops allow you to display and keep all your tools within easy reach. A matching hanging rail is also available.

Product Description

* Brabantia Profile Stainless Steel Kitchen / Meat Shears ~ Designed in The Netherlands!
* Multi-Purpose Kichen Shears ~ Ideal for cutting Meat, Fish & Poultry ~ Curved blades make cutting easy and smooth
* Stainless Steel Construction ~ Safety Lock ~ Hanging loop: Easy to store
* Durable and easy to clean ~ Dishwasher Safe
* Length 9.5″ Width 2″ ~ 5 Year Guarantee

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46% OFF – Daily Deal – Metaltex Rotomac Vegetable Cutter – Offer Ends On 3 April 2014.

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46% OFF – Daily Deal – Metaltex Rotomac Vegetable Cutter – Offer Ends On 3 April 2014.

It’s often the most simple of kitchen items that are overlooked when you’re shopping around.

Whether you’re out to refresh your kitchen utensils or it’s your first kitchen ever, people always go for knives, forks, mugs and chopping boards first. People get excited about colourful measuring cups, and spend hours pondering over that spice rack they saw in a little store sometime, somewhere.

Thankfully, Metaltex create all those odds and ends that you forgot about between the chopping board and the spice rack…like the Rotomac.

Yes, we heard your “what the?” just now. The Rotomac is a manual food chopper that’s great for preparing chunky pasta sauces, dessert pureés, and more. Simply add your ingredients and pull the crank back (kind of like a lawnmower!) – the internal blade will spin around and chop the bowl’s contents without the need for a power socket or even batteries.Cook to perfection, with Metaltex.

Product Description

A revolutionary product was presented on the Metaltex booth, at last month’s Ambiente international fair in Frankfurt: RotoMAC. Chopping fruits, vegetables, herbs, and much more is no longer a problem: the super-sharp blades of RotoMac slice and mince in seconds from coarse to fine… Just like a chef would have done! Easy to use and very fast to prepare dips, soups, sauces, Italian pesto, and many other recipes.

Rotomac is an environmentally friendly product, requires NO electricity and NO batteries! Swiss Design, Invention and Technology: the original, with independent rotating blades by Swizzz Prozzz is now available under Metaltex brand!

Rotomac Manual Food Chopper features:
– Made from food safe plastic, and a blade of stainless steel.
– Bowl is made from durable, shatter-proof plastic.
– Chops many food types without the need for an external power source or batteries.
– Non-slip feet makes operation easy: just hold down with one hand and pull the crank with the other.
– When the crank is pulled, an internal blade will spin around, chopping the bowl’s contents.
– Dishwasher safe.

– Sharp Swiss designed blades with protection sleeve.
– Pull-string handle rotates blades.
– Patent Pending design.
– Clear bottom container for easy viewing.
– Comes apart for easy cleaning.
– Dimensions: H 12cm x W 14cm.
– Capacity: 300ml.

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