60% OFF – Daily Deal – La gourmet® Leather Affair 0.5L Thermal Flask & 0.5L Thermal Mug – Black – Valid Till 9 JULY 2014

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60% OFF – Daily Deal – La gourmet® Leather Affair 0.5L Thermal Flask & 0.5L Thermal Mug – Black – Valid Till 9 JULY 2014

La gourmet® is committed to help protect our planet by producing products that promote a healthy lifestyle while helping to preserve the environment. La gourmet® “Love Our Planet” campaign is a choice that La Gourmet has taken to focus on products that are Eco-friendly.

All plastic components are BPA Free

Made from high quality food grade stainless steel that is non-reactive, toxin free, non-leaching, unlined and clean tasting.

Vacuum insulated technology keeps beverages hot or cold for 6-12 hours.
*Subject to size and full capacity.

Unbreakable Stainless Steel interior and exterior will stand up to the demands of everyday use.
*Extra thick gauge stainless steel body.

100% leak & spill proof.

Made from 100% FDA-Approved materials. Contains no BPA, phthalates, lead or other toxins.

Enjoy your favourite beverage without worrying about scalding your fingers. Flask stays cool to the touch with hot liquidsand is condensation-free with cold.

The large opening makes for easy filling and pouring. It also fits ice cubes without trouble.

The curved design is easy to clean with no hard angles where dirt, germs or bacteria can stick.

Light and compact design for easy transport and storage.

Product Description


1. Unbreakable 304/18/8 stainless steel from Japan.
2. Available in double walled vacuum pumped stainless steel.
3. Vacuum flask of superior quality finishing and performance.
4. One stop stopper – easy to use.
5. Could keep hot or cold up to 24 hours for thermal flask and 6 hours for food carrier and tumbler.


FIRST USE – Ensure La gourmet® Thermalware is cleaned with water and washing fluid prior to initial use. To remove any out of the box smell it is recommended to fill up with hot water and keep for a few hours (tea leaves can be added to the hot water if smell persists). Rinse and it is ready for use.

EXTERIOR – Wipe with damp soft cloth and polish with dry cloth.

INTERIOR – Use a long brush with a soft head to help in cleaning. Clean with water and dish washing liquid and rinse thoroughly.

STUBBORN STAINS – Remove coffee and tea deposits by adding a mixture of hot water and vinegar or lemon juice into flask/mug and soak for several hours, empty and rinse thoroughly. For very stubborn stains you can try a mixture of bicarbonate soda and hot water. Soak for several hours before rinsing.

DRYING – Dry with stopper and cap removed from the thermalware.

MAXIMUM HEAT/COLD RETENTION – Best results are achieved from your La gourmet® Thermalware by pre-rinsing it with hot water for hot drinks and cold water for cold drinks.

OVERFILLING – Do not overfill the La gourmet® Thermalware. The ideal liquid level should be 2-3cm below the rim to avoid spilling when re-opening and also to enable optimum insulation as there is an air gap between liquid and the lid.

CLOSE COVERS TIGHTLY – Ensure both the outside cover and the inner stopper are always tightly closed.

SUITABLE – For daily use for keeping hot or cold beverages etc.


– For outer flask paint protection, DO NOT use abrasive scourer. Use soft sponge for cleaning.

– Do not use in the microwave/oven

– Do not use over direct flame.


– La gourmet® Thermalware Series is warranted free from defective materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years.

– This warranty does not cover damages due to normal wear and tear of the products.

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Trudeau is broadening its selection of cooking tools which combine colorful designed silicone, ease of maintenance in addition to being highly efficient.

Plenty of innovative and genius solutions!
The silicone material is valued for its non-stick, non-stain and anti-odor proprieties. It offers many solutions that even the most sophisticated cooks just won’t stop to use it! Flexible and non-porous, silicone is completely dishwasher safe. It can resist the freezer, microwave oven and is extreme heat (up to 260°C / 500°F) while remaining cool to the touch.

Inspired by the popular Flipper collection, Trudeau Pop containers are made of flexible silicone lids. To open the container, simply press lid down and “Pop”, it’s up! All made of glass, they keep either ingredients or oils dry to prolong their freshness. The Pop collection includes Shaker for Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Parmesan cheese and a bottle for Oil or Vinegar.

The Stay Cool silicone pinch grip is the perfect tool to lift all hot pots, pans or covers. A finger and thumb guard guarantees safety while an automatic close ensures a tight grip.

The stay cool silicone handle grip is used to manipulate pots and pans safely. Its side opening concept is designed to fit all types of handles.

Multi-Use Tie Wraps can be used to keep any type of plastic bag closed. Forget using throwaway wire ties and re-use these silicone tie wraps again and again!

The silicone pot lid rest is ideal to hold a lid right over the pan and prevent mess! Its innovative design holds your pot cover while stirring and allows all steam and residues collected in the lid drop directly into the pot.

Product Description


Trudeau’s Pot Lid Rest is a new, innovative, patent pending kitchen essential. Made of durable silicone, this gadget rests onto the inner rim of a pot and holds the pot’s or pan’s lid, which provides convenience and eliminates mess by allowing condensation to drip back into the pot or pan, away from your stovetop or countertop. Made of silicone, the Pot Lid Rest is heat resistant to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. 5 year warranty. By Trudeau a company that develops visionary products. Add an exciting flavor to your day, with Trudeau. Style eloquence, innovation Trudeau letting you savor life’s little moments.

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A practical and innovative solution for stovetop cooking!

The Pot Clip is attached directly to the edge of a pot or a pan and holds utensils while cooking to avoid stovetop or kitchen counter residue by directing the food drops back into the pot.

Replace your spoon rest by the unique Trudeau Pot Clip!
It is an excellent space saver – eliminating the need for a spoon rest. It is made with a high quality stainless steel finish and high-heat resistant silicone (up to 600ºF/260°C) which remains cool to the touch. It is dishwasher safe and available in a variety of colors.

Prep with No Mess
A must have kitchen accessory for any cook. Give yourself the gift of no more dirty and cluttered countertops! The first-of-its-kind Utensil Pot Clip attaches directly to the pot or pan edge and holds utensils in place while cooking, allowing residue to drip into the pot rather than onto the stove or countertop. The flexible opening is designed to fit all tool handle shapes. Silicone and stainless steel materials are high heat resistant.

Product Specifications

– Keeps cooking tools within easy reach and off of the stovetop.

– Drips fall back into the pot, minimizing mess.

– Stay-cool silicone is heat resistant to 482ºF (250ºC).

– Silicone pads attach firmly without scratching pot or tools.

– Durable stainless-steel construction.

– Dishwasher safe.

The Scenario

You’re cooking a hot pot of chili, a seasoned stew or a whipping up a batch of homemade cookies; but between ingredients you hate to set the spoon down on your countertop or spoon rest (one more thing to clean), you don’t want to rest it on your bowl or hot pot for fear of burning your hand or your spoon – where is that extra hand when you need one? Trudeau was first to the drawing board on this infamous and patented Utensil Pot Clip. This tiny gadget saves you time, hassle and extra clean-up in the kitchen, all by holding your spoon/spatula/whisk in its grip until ready to stir again.

Entertaining and Gifting Tips by Trudeau
No skill level needed; beginner cooks to master chefs will find this kitchen tool helpful!
A perfect gadget to have when preparing for large holiday meals or get-togethers. With multiple pots/pans on your stove and bowls on your countertop, don’t further the clutter with utensils lying around. Use the Utensil Pot Clip to keep you kitchen clean.
Great for a small housewarming gift, add on, or stocking stuffer; make the original Pot Clip a must-have on any wish list!

Inside Trudeau
Trudeau Corporation is a leading North American marketer and designer of innovative quality products dedicated to creating a unique experience in preparing and serving foods and beverages, at home and on-the-go. Built on four generations and nearly 125 years of family tradition and values, we are a leading global supplier of quality kitchenware and tabletop accessories. We take great pride in the products we develop and provide our customers; including this one of a kind Utensil Pot Clip. We hope you enjoy this product from Trudeau!

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50% OFF – Daily Deal – Brabantia Essential Line – Cheese Slice – Valid Till 5 July 2014



50% OFF – Daily Deal – Brabantia Essential Line – Cheese Slice – Valid Till 5 July 2014

Brabantia’s Profile Line Cheese Slice is part of the Profile Line Range. It has a blade with micro-serration, making it easy to operate and suitable for soft and hard cheese. The cheese slice is easy to clean and it is dishwasher safe. A hanging loop allows you to display your gadget on the matching Profile Line hanging rack.

The Brabantia essential cheese slice is a multifunctional tool, it can also be used to slice cucumber, carrots, celery etc. Another great tool for those of us who are keen to achieve our 5-a-day fruit and veg recommendations.

Product Description


* Easy to hold plastic grip with a stainless steel hanging hook
* Durable kitchen tool
* Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
* Have all your tools ready to hand and purchase the matching hanging rack
* Brabantia 5 Year Guarantee

Ease of use

Sturdy, plastic grip with stainless steel hanging loop – durable and easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Matching hanging rack available – all kitchen tools always within reach

Brabantia guarantee

5 Year


Height 20.9 cm

Width 7.5 cm

Depth 1.5 cm

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69% OFF – Daily Deal – Scanpan Classic Santoku 18cm Knife & Scanpan Spectrum Universal Knife Block – Black – Valid Till 4 July 2014



69% OFF – Daily Deal – Scanpan Classic Santoku 18cm Knife & Scanpan Spectrum Universal Knife Block – Black – Valid Till 4 July 2014

Scanpan Classic Santoku Knife 18cm

A santoku knife with a friction-reducing Granton edge allows the cook to speedily work through foodstuffs – just like in those fancy Japanese restaurants.

Quality, functionality, durability and design: these are the defining characteristics of Scanpan’s stylish and affordable Classic range of kitchen knives.

Scanpan Classic knives are hot-drop forged from single blanks of high-grade German stainless steel and individually tested against rigorous standards to ensure that each blade has been accurately tempered to a consistent hardness of 57 HRC.

With ergonomic rubberized handles that provide a secure grip even when wet and surgically sharp tapered cutting edges, Scanpan Classic knives make a welcome addition to any kitchen.
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Scanpan Spectrum Universal Knife Block – Black

Regardless of what kinds of knives you own, Scanpan’s universal knife block will accommodate them and your collection can be kept in one place and displayed nicely.

This piece is easy to clean, fresh, modern and makes a lot of sense: how many of us have the specific knives that will fit the tailored slots offered by conventional knife blocks?

Black works especially well in minimalist or contemporary decors.

Scanpan today offers one of the most complete selections of cookware available. From their numerous lines of high-performance cookware to their revolutionary silicone bakeware and their high-tech knives, no other name is more trusted by professionals and gourmets alike.
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A brand from Denmark

Product Description

Scanpan Classic Santoku Knife 18cm

Blade type : Hot-drop forged
Blade construction: 1.4114 CrMoV15 hi-carbon no-stain steel
Blade hardness : HRC 57
Blade length : 18 cm
Edge : Double ground @ 20 degrees
Handle : Tri-lobal ergonomic with polypropylene grips
Tang : Full
Origin : China
Cleaning/care : Dishwasher safe, handwashing recommended
Warranty : 10 years

Scanpan Spectrum Universal Knife Block Black

– Internal: Polypropene brush insert
– External: Plastic block casing

– Length: 18cm
– Width: 7cm
– Height: 24cm

Cleaning & Care: Hand wash block casing and brush only. Do not machine wash.

Origin: Designed in Denmark and manufactured to rigid Danish specifications in China.

Warranty: 10 years

Note* Maximum knife length you are able to put into this block is 24cm.

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50% OFF – Daily Deal – La gourmet® 5pcs Fine Porcelain in “Horses Bring Success” Tea Set – Valid Till 3 July 2014

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50% OFF – Daily Deal – La gourmet® 5pcs Fine Porcelain in “Horses Bring Success” Tea Set – Valid Till 3 July 2014

1. Made of finely crafted porcelain and printed in quality ink and spanish imported glaze.
2. Horse print are also hand crafted (selected models).
3. To celebrate Year of the Horse.
4. For Giftings.
5. For Collectors of Horse ornaments.

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50% OFF – Daily Deal – Joseph Joseph Slice & Store Chopping Board – Grey – Valid Till 2 July 2014



50% OFF – Daily Deal – Joseph Joseph Slice & Store Chopping Board – Grey – Valid Till 2 July 2014

Chopping board with tuck-away knife by Joseph Joseph – Blade is made from high quality Japanese stainless steel – Overall board measures 12.6 x 8.66 x 0.3″, with blade stored safely inside – Safe, convenient and easy to store, great for large or small kitchens, perfect for picnics and camping – Dishwasher safe.

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Product Description

– Chopping Board With Integrated Knife
– Knife Stores Away Safely
– Dishwasher Safe
– Measures: L31.7cm x 20.7cm

A brand from United Kingdom

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61% OFF – Daily Deal – Ocean Patio Many Rose 7pc Jug Set – Valid Till 1 July 2014

Daily Deals 1-7 (Last)Many Rose - Jug


61% OFF – Daily Deal – Ocean Patio Many Rose 7pc Jug Set – Valid Till 1 July 2014

This 7 piece rose set has beautiful floral designs embossed on its exteriors. A plastic jug handle is designed to provide you with a strong grip. It”s a great way to serve juice or any other beverage in style

Product Description

Let the sparkling droplets of water poured into the Ocean Patio Many Rose tease your gaze from the glossy walls of this gorgeous glass, before you hold it in the embrace of your hand and soothe that parched throat. The Ocean Glass make and Patio design give these glasses a unique panache and charm. –

* Material: Glass & Plastic
* Color: Clear & White
* Jug Capacity: 1.265 L
* Glass Capacity: 290 ml
* Jug Diameter: 3.2 inches (8 cm), Height: 10 inches (25 cm)
* Glass Diameter: 2.7 inches (7 cm), Height: 4.2 inches (11 cm)
* Dishwasher Safe: Yes
* Quantity: Set of 7 Pieces (1 Jug + 6 Glasses)

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