72% OFF – Daily Deal – WMF Palma Cutlery Set – 12pcs Plus WMF Mcegg Egg Cup Set – Valid Till 11 June 2014

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72% OFF – Daily Deal – WMF Palma Cutlery Set – 12pcs Plus WMF Mcegg Egg Cup Set – Valid Till 11 June 2014

6pcs Dinner Spoons, 6pcs Dinner Forks

WMF makes cooking, dining and drinking into an experience For more than 150 years and all over the world. We observe the latest trends with curiosity and are always on the lookout for perfect luxury. Life changes and therefore so do our products. No wonder then, that our history is one of innovations. Innovations that change life, like cutlery that stays looking as good as new or the handles of saucepans that you can touch any time while cooking. Year after year, our products are showered with international awards. Above all, our products are loved by our customers. With each new product, we pursue the goal of making your life taste a little bit better.
Product Description

Cromargan protect

At last something that time cannot leave its mark on. Cutlery made of Cromargan protect® is extremely resistant to all signs of wear and tear. After intensive research, WMF has succeeded in refining Cromargan® so that it is more resistant to scratches than normal stainless steel. Intense use and frequent cleaning in the dishwasher cannot damage Cromargan protect®. Polished surfaces stay shiny, matte finish stays matte. The cutlery looks pristine even after a number of years – almost as good as on the day it was bought.

Cromargan protect® – a brilliant innovation, with international patents and only from WMF. The film is proof. After short testing, the regular stainless steel showed clear marks and deep scratches. The surface of Cromargan protect® remained nearly immaculate, even after long phases of testing

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