Thursday, November 12, 2009 The SES for all!

Thursday, November 12, 2009 The SES for all! – The galley of "without chest" – the middle and the Internet – Be nice Friday – For SES education for all This is the "fact of the day" for the Pedagogical Cafe. After the minutes of unions on the multilateral meeting last Monday (still no official account), SES teachers feel threatened on two levels. First on the nature of their teaching. In a dispatch AEF, one of the participants said even about the ES series "The only information is that it has separate social education and economic education, which could greatly offend the teachers of SES. ". There are some time, Richard Descoings, author of the report on high school reform had described, in an article of "nonsense" the conjunction between economics and social sciences. This shows that there is continuity in the action of deChatel firm. The threat also concerns the role of ITS in the architecture of the high school tomorrow. In the second, it would be that half past one determining teaching and a more general way there is a call for competition (a workaround?) With other teachings created for the occasion as "knowledge of the contemporary world" or even the "fundamentals of the economy." Taking the place of ITS threatened by the new reform, APSES launched a petition to get a teaching SES for all students of a second. In the Pedagogical Cafe, one can also read an interview with Sylvain David, president of the APSES. He asks: "Once again, the institution asked ITS to justify their presence in the training of students. Even as the ministry develops the twenty-first century high school, he insists, even going against a very widespread demand, refusing to address the economic and social science training deficiency that many people or organizations deplore. This is very surprising. ". For him, and for almost all of the teachers of SES, it is an "important democratic issue" SES ‘teaching (as evidenced by a recent issue of Pedagogical Notebooks) is mostly a general education which aims to train students to own approaches to the various social sciences (and not just to the economy) to help them better identify themselves in the society in which they live. Obviously, one can have a read all the above in simple terms of "corporatist logic" and struggle for influence of "disciplinary lobbies". And we should willingly that this dimension exists. But we also remember that this criticism is often driven by people who can afford the luxury of thinking as well as they are, they, in low risk subjects. And above all, we can assume that this discipline is too often ordered to "show his papers" and proof of identity. We also see the political stakes (and educational) that there may be behind the will to separate economics and sociology and marginalize this teaching. Several questions arise. Must the school subjects to be the exact extension of scholarly disciplines? Learning the "fundamentals" should it necessarily be a prerequisite for the confrontation to "live issues"? What role should have the political (and lobbyists) in the definition of what should be taught? A Do we need the social sciences and the approach of the SES in the training of tomorrow’s citizens? So many questions posed by teachers of SES and the signatories of the petition. The galley of "no-chest" Humanity alerts us to "endless hassle of undocumented chest" More than two months after the school year, many students, especially in the professional sector, are still without a school assignment. They are almost a thousand in Seine-Saint-Denis. An example ? In Seine-Saint-Denis, there were a dozen medical and social BEP but today there is only equivalent professional tray (near local life service), with four classrooms on the entire department. "To these young people without affectation, the education authority proposes to make a choice, says Michel Hervieu, local head of the CIPF. But you believe that a student who wanted to bakery and BEP BEP is found in plumbing will seriously go to class? The orientation, not filling … "The middle and Internet According to a survey for the federation La Voix de l’Enfant. 87% of children would already fallen on offensive content on the Internet. It is within 20 minutes we learn that figure and others on the report of the young Internet. 97% of college students surveyed (33 418 young people aged 11 to 15 years) reported having Internet at home, against 93% last year. 51% have a computer in their chamber (46% in the previous barometer). 80% say they get help from the Internet for homework, 77% use messaging, emails and chats, 62% use the Internet for music and movies, 55% for games, 41% for various information and 35% follow the news. Children interviewed downloading music (51%), games (35%), movies, television series and clips (21%) and almost one in two (45%) has already fallen on shocking images or content having them downloaded. One is not born surfer, you become one .. It would be useful, rather than demonize this tool to provide education to Internet use. Youth can also make them think about the management of our digital identity. This is what said Emmanuel Hoog, recalling the words of Barack Obama face schoolchildren: "I want you all to be careful what you post on Facebook, because in the YouTube age, whatever you do, is you come out at one time or another in your life. And when you’re young, you make mistakes, we make stupid stuff "President of the National Audiovisual Institute, who signs this column puts also cautions users: their least about may remain etched in "marble digital." And it offers "the invention of a true digital habeas corpus guaranteeing every citizen not only real and effective control over their data, that is to say his life, but also a real right to erase traces that is to say to privacy. " Senators are going in the same direction as they come to a bill for "the right to digital oblivion" that goes beyond the idea of ??a charter proposed by Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. On Friday, be kind There are days for everything … Between the International Day of fight against terrorism and the diabetics, the teaches that cevendredi (13!) Is World kindness day. Kindness is often seen pejoratively as a weakness or vulnerability ( "I do not want to be mean, but it’s true she’s nice" is a cult sentences of Father Christmas is a junk "). Yet scientists have rehabilitated positive emotions. The Swedish oncologist Stefan Einhorn, author of the bestseller The Art of being good. Dare kindness (Belfond), in particular, revealed that altruistic people had better immune system and lived on average longer. Good deeds stimulated the production of serotonin, a key neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, which influences mood and is involved in inhibition, aggressiveness and the relationship to suffering. They also lead to a decrease in cortisol, a stress hormone, and would be a powerful antidepressant. So should do good to do good. Even if the bad guys are more notice (names!), The nice living longer … Good Reading … ————————- ——————— of 12/11/09 (some paid items) ———- Nothing seen … ———————————– Le Figaro 12/11/09 national Identity: 200 questions the French to start the great debate on national identity, a kit that lists about 200 questions will be made available to the prefects. Le Figaro is obtained a copy. Read more of the article The President, Internet and Tom Thumb CEO of the National Audiovisual Institute, which has just published "Year Zero Memory", warns users: their least about may remain engraved in the "marble digital." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the of 12/11/09 national identity, a multidimensional debate the issue of national identity continues to generate intense debate. The publishes these four views on a controversial topic. Read more of the article National and French by Alain Bentolila How can we speak of national identity Identity without making the commitment that the language can be equitably distributed in our territory? The linguistic inequality is sometimes tolerated complacently undo our social fabric and encourage communalism. Read more of the article Problems more cultural in nature qu’identitaire, by Jean-Pierre Asselin Beauville This debate is exceeded. Indeed, what value such a discussion even though the nations are almost all engaged in integration processes within supranational sets? France is now inserted in the construction of the European Union and we know the consequences, often decried, sovereignty dropouts that follow. This gradual integration of all nations within larger is a historical fact which concerns almost all countries of the contemporary world. Alongside these integrationist movements, globalization produces a strengthening of migration flows mainly poorer countries to richer. These movements are in turn weaken national identities by strengthening cultural hubs within countries. The phenomenon of "differentiation" of cultural communities emigrants in the host country asks them today more and more problems, especially as, in addition, they often go through a more or less severe economic crisis. The "evil of the suburbs" in France, the great unpacking which led the public hearings of the commission set up by the Quebec government to prepare a report on the issue of "reasonable accommodation" (a answer for homework
sort of compromise for regulatory Quebec law to adapt to the specific request of a member of a cultural community), strengthening border protection of the southern United States or the borders of the European Union, the Muhammad cartoons in Denmark the french and Dutch rejection of the European constitutional Treaty … All these examples show the consequences of this differentiation. Read more of the article identity France under control? An anthropological reading by Michel Agier Following the presidential election of May 2007, the creation of the ministry of national identity launched into the public words that denote abroad separated from a "we" national. They were at the same time the words of a mysterious government area which is not well seen the function, overwhelmed by so many symbols "identity" as a national cause, "integration" as another word for exclusion, "immigration "as an identity problem … An aggressive government initiative, but just a politician, it was said (to please the far right to" neutralize "the FN?). The words of the social sciences had returned, instrumentalized, researchers and associations and political activists were concerned to discuss, clarify their ideas. But the Ministry and President Sarkozy have not openly continued the debate! Meanwhile, the ministry of immigration and national identity has been not its "object" but its "objectives", displayed, encrypted: 27,000 expulsions of foreigners annually. Suddenly, against all odds, a "debate" is announced. Not to talk about the very existence of this ministry but to decide "without taboos" of what should be the national identity … Read more of the article The state can give and impose an identity definition national, Dominique Lefebvre This is a glossy and chilling vision of the nation reduced to the level of a prefectural regulation, national thought identity as a list of attributes for recognizing the right of other French, in this case people of foreign origin who threaten the identity of France, we offer Eric Besson. This really is only one electoral rattle for uninhibited right and new zealots like our freshly converted Minister who seems to want more and more to demonstrate to all that it really right, not alas say more. The French identity is plural and mixed today, so complex and difficult to define. Read more of the article implementation of the tenth month of scholarship students worried Statements of Minister of Higher Education, Valerie Pecresse, on the modalities of the tenth month student exchange, sow confusion. Read more of the article Luc Chatel wants to "leave room for maneuver" to institutions Minister of Education Luc Chatel wished, Thursday, November 12 in Clermont-Ferrand, each institution may have a "margin of maneuver "in the establishment of two hours of personalized support, main novelty of the high school reform. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 12/11/09 the endless hassle of undocumented chest More than two months after the school year, many students still do not find any accommodation. They are almost a thousand in Seine-Saint-Denis. Read more of the article High School Walkout pro Worthy-les-Bains The teachers of vocational school Alphonse Beau de Rochas, in Worthy (Alpes-de-Haute-Pprovence) decided yesterday morning to a walkout to protest the conditions under which they work since the beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday. "This is a release, not a strike but because we want to work in acceptable conditions," said Marielle Bruel, secretarial teacher on the site of Provence. Due to a delay in the development work, some rooms have no electricity, cleaning after construction was not done and students circulate amid the rubble. Read more of the article Chatel beats booster vaccination As of November 25, 12 million school children, college students and high school students are encouraged to be vaccinated against influenza A. Read more of the article, children without school place Therese Boisdon, HONORARY PRESIDENT oF tHE ASSOCIATION oF TEACHERS oF sCHOOLS MATERNELLESS in 1970, the French nursery school exchange model. Productive, it becomes expressive, resulting demands new ways. But the state, especially in times of crisis, always tends to save money on smaller and on a non-compulsory system. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 12/11/09 My child grows … what to do? France has increasingly obese, especially among children. A source of concern for their parents, who do not always know how to react. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of 12/11/09 on the Internet, our past no longer belongs to us the growing number of attacks on privacy, a proposed Senate legislation aims to establish a right to digital oblivion Read more Article ———————————————- – echoes (some paid items) of 12/11/09 Colleges: Pecresse wants 30% of fellows the target is highly symbolic. Tuesday, during a meeting with the director of Sciences Po Paris, Richard Descoings, the Minister of Higher Education, Valerie Pecresse took the "commitment" to increase the number of fellows in schools 30% . No schedule or formal constraints but a requirement, "It is not going to be a medium, but an objective for each institution. Schools will each implement an action plan to achieve it, "we are assured the ministry. Nothing to worry major stakeholders: "The conference shares the same social ambitions that the minister," says Pierre Tapie, president of the Conference of Grandes Ecoles. Read more of the article A quota for schools Valerie Pecresse, Minister for Higher Education, has set a target to large French schools to accommodate 30% of stock. C ? is a social mix criterion as imperfect as the 20% social housing in town but has the advantage of being simple and robust. Some among the most prestigious schools are still far away. Without rapid progress, a minister will probably one day have to make these mandatory quotas. For realism order they are achieved to give the French a modicum of hope for their children. Read more of the article Violence: ten months in prison for a principal director A 39-year school was sentenced Tuesday to ten months in prison by the criminal court of Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) for sexual assault in 2007 on several of his students. Read more of the article Chatel intends to move "after the relaxation of the school map" Minister of Education Luc Chatel said Tuesday on France Info that he intended to "go after easing the school map ", discussing the subject with teachers unions. Read more of the article Three unions call for mobilizing the public in November Three unions of the Public Service, CGT, FSU and Solidaires Tuesday called to the second half of November "continuous mobilization period" and "multiply actions" in public service, "in all forms" including strike action. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 12/11/09 87% of children have already fallen on offensive content on the Internet This is a study that will give grist to critics of the Internet for young people. According to a survey of Calysto consulting agency for the federation La Voix de l’Enfant. Read more of the article Segolene Royal will send a "contraception check ‘to schoolgirls its region Objective: to fight against" early pregnancy "… Read More Article ———- ————————————– Rue89 of 12/11/09 the right to digital oblivion, a legal headache It is not easy to be forgotten on the Net. Example: let a teenager rude on a blog. A few years later, he is seeking employment and an employer to whom he sent his CV to the idea of ??"Googling" his name and falls over. Another example: a man gets out of prison, manages to return to normal life; but his past is displayed for all to see on various sites … Read More Article —————————— —————— West of France 12/11/09 Children turbulent "Nothing is played at 3 or 6 years" France is it in the process import American methods of early detection of troubleschez small? The psychoanalyst Sylviane Giampino denounces this drift. Read more of the article It growls in the public agricultural education After boycotting the States General, the main union industrya found support among parliamentarians left. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 12/11/09 the canteen is no longer free in Roncq the city of Roncq (Nord) has decided to remove the free access to the canteens of the city with the most children modest, learned Wednesday The 73 affected families will now pay 0.50 cents per meal, according to a grid of rates calculated according to the family quotient. Read more of the article Friday be kind According to scientific studies, kindness done … live longer and happier. Read more from the article "Benevolence is superproductive" Coach company and specialist in human relations at work, Juliet Tournand is the author of The Strategy of Benevolence (InterEditions). One method directly inspired by the mathematician cooperation strategy and American psychologist Anatol Rapoport from Russia. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 12/11/09 how Cree your baby? The cries of newborns would be influenced by the native language of their parents, according to a study that reveals that German and French babies cry not in the same way! Read more of the article Royal will distribute birth certificates in high schools The president of the region, Segolene Royal will send in all schools free books although it has not been approved by the Ministry of ‘Education. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 12/11/09 overweight, a big problem for the French 14.5% of the French are obese and 31.9% overweight. In 12 years, the proportion of obese increased by 70% and each age took an average of 3 kilos, according Obepi-Roche survey published on Tuesday. Read more of the article Sarkozy justifies the debate over national identity Opening a debate on national identity is "necessary", said Nicolas Sarkozy during a speech Thursday. "A force of abandonment, we ended up not knowing very well who we were," he added. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the teaching of High school 12/11/09 Coffee: the APSES from campaigning for the SES SES Believing instead threatened by the new reform, APSES launched a petition for a SES education for all students second. Read more of the article my friend Anastasia … Editorial Francois Jarraud What country writers should they refrain from writing about or that can offend the state? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 12/11/09 budget 2010: UMP is alarmed by 16,000 job cuts in education in a report on the 2010 budget for school education, which will be discussed tomorrow Yves Censi, UMP deputy, questioned the continuing job cuts in education. In 2010, 16,000 jobs will be cut, mainly due to the reform of teacher training, which saves thousands of trainee teachers positions. But "it is difficult to maintain the achievement of the curriculum and the current functioning of institutions beyond the reduction in jobs," writes Yves Censi. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- a selection in dispatches of 12/11/09 checks contraception to minors sent in high schools of Poitou-Charentes (Royal) Segolene Royal said Thursday it was going to send next week in the high schools of the Poitou-Charentes region she chairs, to the birth certificates of minor girls despite "the blocking of Education." Read more of the article Education "was not a substitute for family planning" (Chatel) The National Education "was not a substitute for family planning, only allowed to prescribe contraceptives to minor child, "said the Minister Luc Chatel told AFP, reacting to Segolene Royal proposed to send to high school students of" birth certificates ". Read more of the article 87% of college students fell on offensive content on the Internet (investigation) College students always use more internet, 12% for more than three hours a day on instant messaging and 87% having fallen on content shocking surfing, according to a survey of Calysto consulting agency for the federation La Voix de l’Enfant. Read more of the article The FNJ condemns scholarships rewarding integration efforts The National Youth Front (FNJ), youth organization of the party of Jean-Marie Le Pen, on Thursday accused the government of practicing "preference foreign "with the creation of scholarships for students who have integration efforts. Read more of the article Violence: Ten months in prison for a principal A 39-year principal was sentenced Tuesday to ten months in prison by the criminal court of Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) for sexual assault in 2007 on several of his students. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, November 12, 2009

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