Up To 50% Off – Brabantia Waste Bin – Year End Promotions – Now Till 31 Dec 2016


Up To 50% Off – Brabantia Waste Bin – Year End Promotions – Now Till 31 Dec 2016
The Sort and Go is one of a family of bins designed to cope with all the needs of today’s waste management requirements.
So easy to use
Equipped with a sturdy carrying handle and a useful grip at the base the bin can be lifted, carried and emptied with ease. The compact design and strong construction makes waste management a simple and fuss-free task. The flip up lid means that it’s easy to load the bin whilst keeping waste out of sight and odour free when closed.
Practical and just so stylish
Sort and Go bins all come with a handy easy-fix wall bracket which means if you prefer your bin hung on the wall, keeping your floor space clear, then that’s easy to do. But the bin is equally at home free standing on the floor. Or you could do both. It’s just not a problem. These bins will fit almost anywhere. They will even fit effortlessly into cupboards and larger kitchen drawers too. And you can mix colours and sizes to suit your needs.
Robust and versatile
Strong construction means the bin will cope with a demanding kitchen or utility room environment. This bin is built to last and manage all your organic and recyclable waste needs for years to come whilst remaining an attractive addition to your home. There are just so many ways to use the range of Sort and Go bins – the choice is yours.
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